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Center Now Providing Health Education Program Planning to Rural Communities

Janice Stanford is a Rural Health Representative with the Georgia Rural Health Innovation Center. Janice holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Paine College and a Masters of Public Health from Mercer University. Her areas of interest are health care access and promotion. Janice has years of experience navigating health care and social service systems and providing managed care and care transitions for vulnerable communities in Central Georgia.  Janice has been active with the Community Health Worker (CHW) Coalition and the Advocacy for Change Advisory Board to both promote the role of the community health worker and advocate for CHWs for state recognition as certified health professionals.

Janice is also a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES).  She has experience in program planning and implementation having developed and implemented a Chronic Disease Worksite Wellness Program for business partners. Janice will be offering services through the Center to provide healthcare education to rural counties, community-based organizations, and local businesses.  These programs will address the needs of diverse populations through assessing healthcare needs and program development, implementation, and evaluation.

If you are interested in collaborating with Janice, please reach out to her by email at