Senior Field Representatives

Our Senior Field Representatives directly oversee our team of Field Representatives. They establish priority projects in accordance with the Center’s Grand Challenges of Rural Health.

Special Projects

Our department of Special Projects manages state-wide initiatives such as the Hospital Leadership Training Program as well as overseeing partnership development opportunities.

Communication & Events

Our department of Communications and Events is responsible for the Center’s event planning and communication strategy as well as managing its print and digital marketing needs, including the website and social media.

Data & Research

Our Data and Research team is dedicated to maintaining the Data Hub as well as conducting primary source data collection and research.

Rural Health Representatives

Our Rural Health Representatives collaborate directly with community stakeholders to strategically and systematically pursue projects that increase the health status of rural Georgians.

Rural Health Assistant

Research Assistants

Our Research Assistants are members of the Rural Health Science PhD program’s inaugural class. They provide direct support to our Data Team and Senior Field Representatives bringing their expertise from diverse health science backgrounds.


Advisory Board