With a population that is aging and in declining health, our state ranking has been very low. The efforts of the Center have helped our community bring focus to the problems and move forward together to find solutions. We really appreciate their initiative and support as we further the goals of Live Well Twiggs!

Judy Sherling, Executive Director of the Development Authority in Jeffersonville

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We were behind the 8-ball when it came to rural health care in Georgia. We talk about two Georgias — Atlanta, and the rest of Georgia. People who live in rural Georgia ought not to have a problem when it comes to health care. They should be able to get good health care in the community that they live in. This is why the work they are doing at the Center is so important.

Georgia State Senator David Lucas

As Georgia’s only nonprofit telehealth network, it has been Global Partnership for Telehealth’s (GPT) pleasure to come alongside the Center and be a part of their efforts to leverage telehealth technologies to improve access to care in rural communities across our state. Of significance was the Center's quick response at the onset of the Public Health Emergency (PHE) in March 2020 to provide the means for rural clinicians to deliver safe, virtual healthcare to patients in their homes when in-office visits were not possible during the lockdown.

Rena Brewer, CEO of GPT

Georgia Health Data Hub

Dive deeper into the rural health data with interactive reports, charts, and maps.

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Partnering with Georgia’s Rural Communities

We believe rural communities are great places, essential to Georgia’s prosperity. The Center helps those communities reach their goals and achieve positive outcomes through community-led collaboration.

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Our Grand Challenges

The Mercer University School of Medicine identified the following grand challenges facing rural Georgia. We address these challenges with innovative thinking, collaborative strategies, and interdisciplinary resources.

  • Maternal and Child Health

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    Maternal and Child Health

  • Physician and Health Workforce Shortage

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    Physician and Health Workforce Shortage

  • Health Literacy

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    Health Literacy

  • Strategic Health Care Availability and Access

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    Strategic Health Care Availability and Access

  • Social Determinants of Health

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    Social Determinants of Health

  • Mental Health

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    Mental Health

  • Substance Abuse

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    Substance Abuse

  • Health Care Infrastructure

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    Health Care Infrastructure

  • Rural Occupational Health

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    Rural Occupational Health

  • Aging Populations

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    Aging Populations