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Hospital Training

In 2018, the Georgia General Assembly implemented a training requirement for rural hospital executives, board members, and hospital authority members. The legislation, through House Bill 769, delegated responsibility for the creation of training standards, approval of vendors, and monitoring of compliance to the Georgia Rural Health Innovation Center. Providing foundational knowledge for the leadership of all rural hospitals is a key element in strengthening and sustaining these vital healthcare assets for rural Georgians. The Center has been honored to work with these tremendous community servants throughout the training process as well as the two excellent training partners, the Georgia Hospital Association  and Hometown Health.

The Georgia Rural Health Innovation Center is proud to announce the successful completion of the Hospital Leadership Training Program’s first year. In 2020, 584 executives and board members at 57 rural hospitals completed state mandated training overseen by the Center. Currently, all hospitals and individuals required by the state to receive training are in compliance. The work of each hospital to complete training, despite the challenges of this past year, speaks to their dedication to meeting the obligation, as well as the value provided by the education received. The Georgia Rural Health Innovation Center will continue to work with vendors and hospitals alike to maintain the program and find new ways to add value to hospitals through this initiative.

To learn more about the Hospital Training Program click here.

Submitted by Chris Scoggins, MPH