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The Center Donates to Greene and Morgan Counties Diaper Day Events

On November 18, 2021, Rural Health Representatives, Jay Burton (L), and Davis Perkins (R), pictured right, visited Greene County’s Department of Public Health to assist the county’s “Drive-Through Diaper Day” a local initiative to provide maternal resources to families in need. This event was the second diaper day event following Morgan County on November 9, 2021. Jay and Davis passed out healthcare bags donated by the Center and distributed surveys for the Community Health Needs Assessment which is ongoing in Morgan, Greene, Putnam, and Hancock Counties. These efforts further strengthened ties to both Greene and Morgan counties, two rural communities on either side of Lake Oconee.

The Community Health Needs Assessment for Putnam, Hancock, Morgan, and Greene Counties is an ongoing collaboration between Harmony Medical Foundation and Georgia Rural Health Innovation Center. The Center’s Rural Health Representatives have been working across these four counties over the last three months to provide an expansive report on the region. Their findings will include research from online databases and primary data collection from the community through surveying and focus groups.