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Live Well Twiggs Collaborative

Project Summary

The Live Well Twiggs Collaborative started with a partnership between stakeholders in Twiggs County and the Center. They shared a goal of wanting to increase health outcomes for community members by creating a ‘starting point’ for agencies to funnel programs and resources to the area. The health collaborative also increased communication between local agencies to ensure there was little duplication of services and use their platform to promote healthy living through print materials and social media.


“The Georgia Rural Health Innovation Center at Mercer University School of Medicine has become one of our main resources in Twiggs County. With a population that is aging and in declining health, our state ranking has been very low. The efforts of the Center have helped our community bring focus to the problems and move forward together to find solutions. We really appreciate their initiative and support as we further the goals of Live Well Twiggs!”

Professional headshot image of Judy Sherling.
Judy Sherling, Executive Director of the Development Authority in Jeffersonville