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Center Hosts its First Annual Maternal Health Symposium

June 23-24, 2022 in the President’s Dining Room on the Mercer University Macon Campus The Georgia Rural Health Innovation Center hosted its first annual Maternal Health Symposium, ‘What’s Working in Georgia? Let’s talk about maternal health”. The two-day symposium hosted healthcare professionals from medical schools, public health, and rural hospitals from across the state to advance the dialogue on maternal health initiatives that are improving outcomes. Presenters discussed state data on maternal health, visiting nurses’ programs, telehealth in the space of maternal health, maternal mental health, as well as resources and research programs aimed at improving maternal health in Georgia.

“It’s a great thing for people to gather and have these conversations. A lot of times, we’re siloed and we don’t know what other people are doing well,” says Glenda Grant, the Executive Director of the Georgia Rural Health Innovation Center. “We just hear the bad news and, so, I think by coming together and talking about the innovation – particularly in rural spaces, we can duplicate these programs to make a difference all throughout Georgia.”

The event received positive reviews from the attendees and the Georgia Rural Health Innovation Center has already started planning for its second maternal health symposium June 23-24, 2022.

Below you will find contact information for the symposium speakers and their maternal health programs.