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Center Offers Community Needs Assessments

The Center has recently partnered with Harmony Medical Foundation to provide a Community Health Needs Assessment for Greene, Hancock, Morgan, and Putnam counties. Using primary and secondary data retrieval, namely, surveys and focus groups, the Center will provide information on their healthcare providers and healthcare infrastructure, as well as the health behaviors of the community members. This Community Health Needs Assessment will provide these communities with data and information to better understand their unique healthcare needs allowing them to effectively expand medical services for the area.
The Center’s diverse and dedicated team continually travels to and spends significant time in the rural communities of the state to gather data and work with rural citizens assessing need and developing sustainable solutions that will improve the healthcare access and quality in the most underserved areas. Targeted improvement projects are also part of the centers work. Examples of these are Hospital Leadership Training, community needs assessments, Farmer Wellbeing Assessment, health fairs and the Sow A Seed Grant Program are just a few of the programs developed to increase positive health outcomes whether systematically or first-hand.
“Rural communities are critical to the success of Georgia. Access to quality healthcare for all citizens is essential for Georgia’s success.” said Glenda Grant, Executive Director, Georgia Rural Health Innovation Center. “Nowhere is that more evident than our rural communities. Through community collaboration, the Center works to come alongside rural Georgians to help them reach their goals and achieve positive healthcare outcomes.”
If you have any questions about the Center, or would like to see how we can collaborate with your rural community, please visit or call 478-301-4700.