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Georgia Public Health Association Annual Conference 2022









Pictured Above:  (left) Chris Scoggins, MPH, Dr. Kimberly Carr, and Dr. Anne Montgomery  (right) Dr. Kedrick Williams

May 4-6, 2022, the Georgia Public Health Association held its annual conference at the Jekyll Island Convention Center. Several team members of the Georgia Rural Health Innovation Center gave presentations and presented posters on programs impacting rural Georgia.

The mission of GPHA is to advocate for conditions in which all people and communities can be healthy, promote the scientific foundation of public health practice and policy, and assure a continuous voice broadly representing public health in Georgia.

Below you will find a list of the Center’s contributions to this year’s annual meeting.



Faith in Rural Health: A Collaborative Initiative for Holistic Community Health – Scoggins, C., Byrd, P., Childs, B., DeLoach, G.

The Community Health Reporter Program: a Crowdsourced Approach to Delivering Healthcare Access Data – Williams, K., Scoggins, C.

The relationship between farmers’ racial / ethnic identity and stressors experienced – Al-Haleem, D., Montgomery, A., Basey, S., Scoggins, C., & Baucom, L.

Factors Motivating Rural Caretakers to Seek Behavioral Testing for Children Showing Signs of Autism – Rotschafer, S., Horan, C., Window, D., Montgomery, A., Joseph, J., Al-Haleem, D., & Zeanah, M.

Farmers’ Mental Well-Being in Georgia: Coping Mechanisms and Stressors – Basey, S., Montgomery, A., Scoggins, C., & Baucom, L.



Differences in stress coping mechanisms between farm owners and farm workers in Georgia’s farming industry – West, B., Basey, S., Montgomery, A., Scoggins, C., Al-Haleem, D., & Baucom, L.

Farmers’ Mental Well-Being in Georgia: Pilot Study – Montgomery, A., Basey, S., Scoggins, C., Al-Haleem, D., West, B., & Baucom, L.

Preliminary Findings of a COVID-19 and Flu Vaccine Hesitancy Needs Assessment in a Rural Georgia County – Carr, K., Lian, B., Scoggins, C., Montgomery, A., & Tessendorf, K.