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Shape Up Miller

Miller County is one of 11 counties in the state who is part of the Two Georgias Initiative, which is funded through the Healthcare Georgia Foundation. Locally, the Miller County community has branded their collaborative “Shape Up Miller,” which as the name suggests, addresses health in the county through the lens of diet and physical activity. Shape Up Miller is well received within the community. Some of their local accomplishments include removing sweet tea and soda from Sunday luncheons at many churches in the county, and convincing local businesses and industries to include a paid 30 minute break in the work day that employees can use to walk outside.

The county is known as the “Mayhaw Capital of the World” and is home to the Mayhaw Festival every spring. In partnership with the Miller County Chamber of Commerce, Shape Up Miller decided to include a cycling event in this years festival. The Center’s Field Representative James Dunaway was part of the planning team for this event, and helped with developing routes that could accommodate a wide spectrum of fitness backgrounds. James also helped map the routes in various online mapping systems that can be shared to other individuals as a way of promoting the event. Unfortunately, due to the bizarre weather on April 24, which involved three spotted tornadoes in Miller County, the event was postponed until May 8th.

This program addresses the Center’s social determinants of health Grand Challenge initiative.

Pictured Above: Field Representative James Dunaway and his Fiancé  at the Shape Up Miller Biking Event

Submitted by Field Representative James Dunaway