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Sow A Seed Grant Recipient Reach2Teach on Increasing COVID-19 Vaccines and Blood Donations in Their Community

Reach2Teach (formerly known as New Life Outreach Ministries), a 501-C3 organization located in Eatonton, Georgia, works closely with New Life Outreach Christian Center and the American Red Cross to increase positive health outcomes in Putnam County. They have assisted in registering blood donors and hosting American Red Cross Blood Drives, providing College Scholarships, clothing and food drives, GED assistance, customer service job training, and financial assistance for residents of Putnam, Dekalb, Bibb, Hancock, and Baldwin Counties.

Reach2Teach’s grant proposal has been selected because of the potential of the project to improve healthcare outcomes for their community. Their proposal focuses on reducing the spread of Covid-19 by providing a vaccination clinic and increasing blood donations while also providing community health education, directly addressing the Center’s focus on health literacy for rural Georgia.

“The purpose of all of our programming is to meet the needs of mankind. The Sow a Seed Grant Program lines up exactly with what we are already doing in the community,” said Cecil Kilgore, CEO Reach2Teach, “I’m very excited about this funding given how COVID has impacted our previous programs. I see our programs being able to grow further in the next year and increasing our community partnerships to have more impact in meeting our communities’ needs.”

Reach2Teach decided to focus on vaccinations and blood donation based on the trends they were seeing in their community. Only 43.5% percent of the population in the state of Georgia has been vaccinated for COVID-19 and as a result of this low percentile, the Delta and Omicron-variants of the COVID-19 virus continue to spread. By increasing the number of vaccinated Georgians, they hope to reduce the spread of COVID -19. Additionally, the American Red Cross reports a critical shortage of donor blood due to a decrease in donations for the year 2021. An increase in the number of blood donations will help to reduce loss of life.

Their first Community Health Literacy Festival will be held in Eatonton on February 26, 2022. This festival will focus on increasing COVID-19 vaccinations and providing health education to the participants. Their second Health Literacy Festival will be held April 2022 where they will be partnering with the American Red Cross to schedule blood donations.

If you would like to participate in or attend either of these festivals, you can connect with the organization online at